Grupo Centeno Musicians Have Performed with the following Salsa Music Legends:

  • Frankie Ruiz
  • Viti Ruiz
  • Isidro Infante
  • Jose Alberto “El Canario“
  • Hector Lavoe
  • Pete “El Conde“ Rodriguez
  • Tito Gomez
  • Celia Cruz
  • Cano Estremera
  • Paquito Guzman
  • Ray De La Paz
  • La Sonora Poncena
  • Marc Anthony
  • Johnny Pacheco

Available Groups

Grupo Centeno doesn’t just play salsa – we respect it and love it to our core.  They say” la salsa ya no importa – salsa no longer matters.”  Whoever says that is not a fan.  A true fan respects how the instruments come together to create that incredible groove, respects how this music brings people together from all over the world, respects how the legends performed nuestra musica – our music.

Our musicians have played with some of the true legends of this genre, like Celia Cruz, Jose Alberto El Canario & Frankie Ruiz so you know that you are getting high quality performers with Grupo Centeno.  We bring respect, passion and commitment to our craft so that you and your customers have a memorable experience.

We perform for the fans because we ARE fans.  Whether it’s Lavoe, Ruiz, Rojas, Santa Rosa, El Gran Combo and many others – we play the music that makes you want to dance because it’s salsa that runs through our veins.

Quieres salsa?  Do you want salsa?  Salsa that is fast-paced, passionate, colorful, sexy & sophisticated?  Look no further than Grupo Centeno!!

Miguel Centeno

Marco Borjas

Chico Ortiz

Kevin Rodriguez

Willie Cintron


Mark Neely

Stalin Peru

Miguel Ortiz